Naʻau's Tuition, Cancellation Policy, & Methods of Payment:

Tuition at Naʻau for lesson(s) scheduled by appointment starts at $58.00 an hour (tax not included) in small group settings, more for private tutoring.

For specific information on tuition for our Summer Institutes, Intersession/Seasonal Institutes, Adult Courses, and Test Preparation Courses, please visit our Services web page.

Our most popular tuition plan for many of our Year-Round programs is the "monthly" tuition option for small group learning, which is $169.00 (60 minutes each week), $253.00 (90 minutes each week), $281.00 (120 minutes each week), $393.00 (180 minutes each week), $449. (240 minutes each week), or our Monday to Friday After School Special $506.00 (one hour a day, five days a week or 300 minutes each week) per child (prices do not include tax).

Year-Round Tuition Schedule
 Monthly Plan  Tuition does not include tax
 60 minutes each week  $169.00
 90 minutes each week  $253.00
 120 minutes each week  $281.00
 180 minutes each week  $393.00
 240 minutes each week  $449.00
 Mon-Fri 'After School Program  $506.00
 Annual Plan  
 60 minutes each week  $1859.00
 120 minutes each week  $3091.00


Registration Cancellation Policy:  Your tuition payment reserves your child's seat in the course. A cancellation 60 days prior to the start of the program is 100% refundable; 30 days prior to the start of the program is 50% refundable; no tuition refund if notice is given less than thirty days prior to the start of the program. Your cancellation notice must be via email to; the date of the cancellation notification email will determine the refund. Application fees are non-refundable.
The following paragraphs address some of the most often asked questions that families have related to Naʻau's monthly tuition plan for our Year-Round students:

Most of our families take advantage of Naʻau's monthly tuition plan. We ask that parents help us to identify a day and time that would be most convenient for the family. When other activities, illnesses, vacations, or holidays conflict with the usual time your child comes to Naʻau, we understand. Just let us know ahead of time and we will reschedule your child's learning to another date; however, the monthly tuition you have committed to remains the same -- it does not get adjusted. Please help us to make-up any missed classes within the month if possible.

With prior notice (at least 2 weeks recommended), the monthly tuition plan also allows you to 'break' enrollment (with no tuition payment) for a month (30-days) in a 12-month period (we will save your child's seat). You may also divide the month's break into two, 2-week breaks for half of the monthly tuition. If you decide to take a break for more than a month, you may be asked to reapply to Naʻau with application fee and your child's seat with us may not be guaranteed. If there are any extenuating reasons (an imperative crisis in the `ohana) that we may consider regarding an extended leave of absence, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will always be collaborative, kind, and fair.

Monthly tuition payment is due sometime within each month. If you wish to pay every two weeks, that may be arranged.

With the monthly tuition plan, there is no further obligation to Naʻau after the month of learning is completed. You may end your relationship with us at anytime.

An annual tuition option (12 months) is also available. Please let us know if you are interested. The annual tuition plan can save you one month of tuition, but commits you to a year of study with us. The annual tuition plan still allows families to take an enrollment "break" as needed. We will save your child's seat. However, the make-up hours must be completed within the 12-month period, please, and should not extend beyond that. The tuition for the annual option is also due all at one time (initial application fee is waived for new students, a savings of $75.00)--we are sorry that we cannot consider tuition payment installment plans at this time. Optionally, Naʻau offers a tuition refund plan, which provides insurance for financial losses incurred during the academic year. The premium is $50.00 and is payable with the annual tuition payment.

Methods of Payment: 

Naʻau offers several options and methods to pay your tuition bill. We prefer tuition payments by check (payable to Naʻau LLC); your canceled check is your receipt. We also accept American Express®, Discover®,MasterCard®, and Visa® via Square®. You may visit our center with your favorite charge card to pay your bill. If you do, please consider bringing the invoice that we emailed you--that will help us to serve you better. You may also request or receive an email invoice to pay your tuition online using your favorite charge card. If you wish to have recurring payments set-up, that is possible as well. It is also possible, but not preferable unless you reside outside of Oʻahu, that you call our center at (808) 548-6228 to charge your card by phone. If you wish to use PayPal®, please add an additional 4% handling charge to your transaction and send your payment to our email Cash payments are also welcomed. Mahalo!

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