Kindergarten Readiness

Naʻau’s pre-K program starts with a comprehensive assessment to see what your child needs to be ready for kindergarten or kindergarten admissions to private schools. This assessment will help us with information about where to begin. Most of our keiki begin with upper and lower case alphabet recognition and proceed through our program to high frequency sight words. They count to 100 then count by 10’s, 5’s, and 2’s. Keiki learn sorting, categorizing, and patterns. Developing social and conversations skills help the children to respond to open-ended questions in complete sentences. Keiki will also draw detailed pictures with colors to fill an entire page and then tell stories about their drawings.

For keiki who will be taking the Admissions Assessment for Beginning Learners (AABL) Kindergarten Test on an iPad, Naʻau provides assistance in the following areas: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Early Literacy and Early Mathematics. Verbal Reasoning includes analogies, classification, inferential reasoning, and deductive reasoning. Quantitative Reasoning includes help in areas of numerical concepts for problem solving, recognition and application of numerical operations, and analysis, comparison and prediction of numerical problems. Early Literacy involves phonics, rhyming, blends, and phonemic isolation/manipulation. Early Mathematics involves number identification, comparison, order, ordinal terms, and quantity comparison/identification. Naʻau believes in nurturing the whole child in a safe and interactive learning environment that is fun and educational. This service is mostly delivered one-on-one, except on occasions when preparing for the group activity portion of the admissions process.

Please check with the schools you will be applying your child to for information about their testing dates. Recently, some schools are testing applicants earlier, as early as October. If this is the case, Na`au recommends at the latest a late winter/early spring program start date in the year the Kindergarten application is to be submitted. At this time, we are able to admit a total of about 26 students to this program annually. Early registration is highly recommended. We consider 3 year old applicants who are "table ready" and can do their best to sustain a one hour lesson with us involving a variety of activities.

Application Fee: $75
Monthly tuition for one hour per week: $214 (tax not included)

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