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Silent Years

After years of repression, a woman journeys back to her past and confronts memories of teenage abuse. Adapted from selected poems by Lois-Ann Yamanaka, Silent Years tells a universal story using the unique dialect of Hawaiian Pidgin English. Director: James Sereno

Her words, their story
Lois-Ann Yamanaka's Behold the Many is a literary achievement by way of unconventional means A feature story in the Honolulu Weekly

Living in the word
Both nature and nurture play a role in the success of a young Hawaii poet A feature story in the Honolulu Star Bulletin

Mommy's Fried Rice
Winning contemporary poem by Courtney Lelepali, Na'au student
From the Honolulu Advertiser

Pidgin instruction advocated by some, but not all
From The Kapio Newspress, written by Ellice Flores, Na'au student

The Fishbowl Project, new short film based on the acclaimed novel, Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers , by Lois-Ann.

Waxing Poetic: Our 2004 Poetry Contest
Meet the winners and runners-up of Instructor’s Fifth Annual Poetry Contest for kids!

Write on
Novelist Lois-Ann Yamanaka finds her dream in her classroom
Featured in the Honolulu Weekly

Writing Resources:
Favorite Quotations to motivate, educate, and inspire

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