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We first dreamed of Naʻau in 1982 as undergraduates at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. We knew that Naʻau would be a place where our creative and academic experiences would join together in one of the most powerful ways for our students to learn--mentorship.

Naʻau is a place where we encourage trusting the Naʻau or gut or ki-center to express life's stories and poems.

Naʻau is a place where we teach writing as art.

Naʻau is a place where every learner is treated the way we would want to be treated.

Our teaching has evolved into serving students from pre-K to Grade 12 in all subject areas. Our holistic approach to private school admissions with SSAT Test Preparation, interview, and essay writing classes provide not only test taking strategies but confidence and communication skills. Assisting our students as they traverse the journey into post-secondary colleges and universities with P/SAT and ACT preparation courses, as well as college application and scholarship essay guidance give them the confidence they need to take this very important life step.

Naʻau has many meanings for us, but most important, is what emanates from our Naʻau as nā mākua -- a passion and compassion for all of our students at whatever points in their lives' journeys our paths cross.

At Naʻau, we believe that nothing is coincidence. We believe that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

We hope to be your teachers.

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Lois-Ann Yamanaka & Melvin SpencerLois-Ann Yamanaka, M.Ed. (UHM)Lois-Ann Yamanaka taught English, Drama, and Speech for twelve years with the Department of Education (DOE).

Melvin Spencer III, M.Ed. (UHM) Melvin Spencer III taught Leadership Development and English for eight years with the DOE...

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Intersession/Seasonal Institutes

Let your child learn the art of expository writing--put the DSi, iPad, and the Xbox aside for a week of our Intersession Institute!

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Summer Institutes

Naʻau offers Summer writing Institutes each year. Expository writing classes are offered for grade levels 1 through 12.

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Test-Prep Programs

At Naʻau, we holistically teach your child to prepare for standardized tests with a research-based curriculum..

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